Working With Us


We gladly welcome anyone who wishes to join our cause. Doesn’t matter from which corner of the globe you are, or what you do and who you are. However, there is still one condition. If you are interested in joining our organization, you must consent to go through an extensive screening process, designed by our very own recruitment team.

International Crimes Research Foundation (ICRF) is a research based global organization. It concerns itself with International Crimes/International Criminal law and its related constituents on a judicial level that is. The ICRF actively engages in researching and consequently sharing its discoveries on the various aspects of international war crimes. Primarily though, the ICRF busies itself studying international criminal laws as it were. As an organization the ICRF pledges to protect the world from the culture of impunity.

Those who maintain deep interests in international criminal law, are aware of its historical aspects and are adamant of ridding the world of the culture of non-justice, will be considered as top priorities in our organization. We champion diversity here at the ICRF and believe that anyone retains the right to potentially work for our organization, provided he safely passes the recruitment screening process. Of course during such procedures our organization adheres to certain humanitarian principles and policies. For example, you are not eligible if you are a supporter of the Nazi party, the Jamat-E-Islami, Shibir, Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, Khemar Rouge amongst other fundamental extremist sects and regimes who terrorize the civil world today with unspeakable acts of horror and evil. You will not be considered if your ideals are related or similar to them.

To work with us, you must retain a deep interest in international criminal law, particularly in war crime trials and their procedures, on top of possessing excellent communication skills as well. We desire a certain level of command on the English language both in a written and spoken capacity in our candidates, however that is not terribly important. Since we are mainly research-centric organization and actively publish our findings on international printed and electronic media outlets, it is essential that the interested individual harbours strong IT skills, which include but are not limited to a working knowledge base on Microsoft Office packages, and how to operate a computer in general.

It is important to mention that our organization does not offer any monetary-base incentives. It currently employs people purely on a voluntary basis. If you can allocate at least 3 hours per week or 12 hours of your time per month to the ICRF, you might be enacted as a member immediately after the primary screening process.

All other terms and condition and added information shall be included in your interview pack when you will apply for it. Our interview application can be found below on this link: