Plea to try Gonoshasthaya Kendra’s Zafrullah Chowdhury for contempt


Freedom fighters Monoranjan Ghoshal, Ali Asgar, Nazrul Islam and Kamal Pasha Chowdhury, who identifies himself as the organiser of Ganajagaran Mancha faction and one FM Shahin, filed the plea with the International Crimes Tribunal’s (ICT) registrar on Monday.

“The petition has been forwarded to ICT-2, but it is yet to be heard,” Registrar Shahidul Alam told

On Jun 10, the ICT-2 found Zafrullah guilty of contempt over his statement of concern for British citizen David Bergman after he was convicted.

The tribunal ordered Chowdhury to stand on the dock for an hour and fined him Tk 5,000.

It said he would serve one month in jail if he did not pay the fines, but the Supreme Court later stayed the financial penalty after he moved the court.

After the ICT verdict on Jun 10, Zafrullah refused to stand on the dock before getting a copy of the verdict. Later he did so after getting a copy of the verdict.

Speaking to media after emerging from the courtroom, he said the verdict was a proof that the judges were ‘mentally unstable’.

“There cannot be justice where judges cannot tolerate criticism.”

News Source: BDNEWS24.Com

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