ICR Foundation’s Press Release on the Kamaruzzaman’s trial


The ICR Foundation would like to express its relief and overall satisfaction regarding the swift dismissal of a review appeal sought within the appellate division by Mr Kamaruzzaman, who has recently been found guilty of crimes committed during the then on-going Liberation War of ‘71. As a result, there are no more barriers to carry out the previous decision reached in this matter, thus enabling law and order in Bangladesh to take another small step in its quest to serve justice.

The deep, underlying hands that were choking the justice system in Bangladesh for the best part of four decades now, finally seems to be lifting even though it took some time. But all the same it seems now to be working towards a point where the people of the nation may finally start reciprocating with a little faith in their judiciary structure. The ICR Foundation hopes and prays that cases still pending inside the doors of the International War Crimes Tribunal and indeed cases similar to Mr Kamaruzzaman pending in the wings of the appellate division are resolved swiftly and incisively, honouring the code of law to the fullest of its extent.

On the other hand, it is with grim concern the ICR Foundation notices the terse criticisms the International Crimes Tribunal goes through every time it makes an adjudication, particularly from a selected few sects in the Western world, who broadcast their “concerns” over the “decision” reached, namely through newspapers, hand-picked TV channels and other printed and digital media formats, portraying those tried, tested and proven guilty of committing said respective crimes as some sort of sage-like entities, or sagacious priests. Alongside that, they are implicating that this is also an attempt to discredit and eventually make the members of the opposition party ‘scarce’, in the process. The ICR Foundation deeply condemns these false propagandas, farcical reports, presentations and press releases along with the thought opinions that accompany such fairy-tale assumptions.

All the hardships, all the bloodshed this nation has endured for the past forty years, has always been in order to arrive at this very moment, to witness justice being finally served amongst those guilty of all those heinous deeds committed during the Great Liberation War of 1971. During these testing times, not only is the western media complicit in unethically scrutinising every decision reached in these on-going matters, it also appears to be in sync with these obscene deeds, constantly voicing its support for such unspeakable crimes.

The collective disdain of the Pakistani army through its many cohorts in the Rajakars and Albadr group and their various political parties who led all the countless inhumane accounts of genocides and homicides performed in cold blood no doubt, resulted in the death of more than 30 million people, many of whom where women and children. These are acts which the Western world seems to have ignored, looked the other way so to speak, in an attempt to mould the situation into their favour, seemingly “justifying” this annihilation of Bangladesh’s people by the Pakistani army, to the ICRF’s horror, by spreading fables and fake accounts of the war, in an attempt to destabilise and disconcert the war crimes tribunal and its proceedings. Not mentioning of course, when they all somehow seem to turn a blind eye towards the fact that the US and China assisted and abated the Pakistani army and indeed groups and organizations in every way they could, held responsible for one of the most unspeakable moments of mass genocide in history.

On behalf of the nation, the ICR Foundation strongly protests against this sort of devious cunningness exhibited by the Western world, through their meaningless propagandas and distortions of the truth. We believe, that through the eventual conclusion of the Kamaruzzaman trial, Bangladesh has proved that, even though evil has its moments, it is only a matter of time before someone stands up to it however long it may take, and brings it to justice.

International Crimes Research Foundation
6th April 2015

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