ICR Foundation Statement on the heinous killing of Dr. Avijit Roy


Still reeling from the shocking news of the brutal murder of one of Bangladesh’s most celebrated writers, a notable blogger and engineer, Dr. Avijit Roy, the ICRF would like express its deepest of regrets and vehement outrage at this whole incident, whilst demanding to reserve the most severe of judgments for the killer who committed this act of atrocity.

Not satisfied with only killing Dr. Roy, the culprits at the same time also gravely injured Dr. Roy’s wife Mrs Rafida Ahmed Bonnya, who was beside him during the moments, in a dastardly attempt to murder her as well. Mrs Ahmed is now under intensive care and the watchful eyes of her doctors, in Dhaka’s Square Hospital. Recognized both online and offline for his work on the ‘71 war crimes and war criminals. He was also a founder of the eminent Bengali Blog site called “Muktomona”. Dr. Avijit gradually gained immense popularity down the years, as he proved himself to be a true warrior in his incessant fight against the practice of fundamentalism and extremism in worldwide religions.

Dr. Avijit Roy was writer of prodigious skill as his words reflected in his totalitarian belief that, the key to parsing and synthesizing any given argument can be achieved using logic and reason as platforms. He has published 11 books so far 2 of which were published in the ongoing Ekushey Book Fair 2015, in Bangladesh. According to sources from bdnews24 renowned online news portal, “on Thursday night at approximately 9:30 PM after having spent time with his fans and well-wishers in the book fair, Dr. Roy and his wife were returning home. Enroute to their destination, both Dr. Roy and his wife were mercilessly attacked by the perpetrators, on the road opposite to the Dhaka University Mosque and adjacent of Suhrawardy Uddayan. Following the attack, the couple was rushed off to Dhaka Medical College Hospital for immediate medical attention. Eyewitnesses have confirmed they saw the pair perched on a rickshaw, heading for TSC, when the perpetrators stopped their rickshaw, pulled it aside towards the footpath and started hacking them with machetes”

Dr. Avijit Roy was an institution of liberal minded, bounteous knowledge, the epitome of logic and reason. He was a true role model and inspiration for the up and coming new breed of scientific and progressive thinkers and ideologist alike. In these past few years, Bangladesh has witnessed the rise and then consequent domination of religious fundamentalism on her soil, the backlash of which is what we see today with Dr. Roy’s shocking demise due to any lack of proper steps taken towards subsiding this radicalism.

A similar incident occurred regarding nationally renowned writer and Professor of Bangla, Dhaka University, Dr. Humayun Ajad who got stabbed with machetes by a group of terrorist on the 27th of February 2004. Dr. Azad tried to be brave whilst staving off his grave injuries but ultimately gave in while receiving treatment in Germany. 11 years have passed since this inhuman attack of Dr. Azad and his family and well-wishers are yet to receive any form of justice, instead Dr. Azad’s case kept on stretching continually, as with each change in government and or policies throughout the intervening years, there always seemed to be an abundance of excuses and dilemmas. As a reason, free thinking and open minded individuals like the late Dr. Azad and Dr. Avijit respectively, are becoming constant targets of gross violence.

Blogger and Engineer Rajib was also hacked to death by fundamentalists in 2013, and left for dead in front of his own house. That situation is in also in wait to receive some form of adjudication from the justice system. Another noted blogger and activist Mr Asif Mohiuddin, subject to an attack from fundamentalists who attempted to hack him to death in front of his office, is yet this matter to receive any form of conviction in this matter. Not only has the matter not been resolved in Bangladesh, he has been since then accused of committing cybercrime and is now being tried and tested in in a court of law.

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It took a judge in the highest court of law in Bangladesh nearly 39 years, to deal those who found guilty of committing crimes against humanity during the War of 1971 and that even, was after many a rebellious efforts and constant pressures on the government to condemn the accused, to the fullest extent of the law. Even after such a crossing such a significant milestone, the fact that the system of law and order in Bangladesh now is in a lamentable and deplorable state, as proven by the string of failures mentioned above, amongst countless others.

Bangladesh today is left with the scars of its own inaptitude, as the country’s failure to resolve ’71 Liberation War case keeps coming back to haunt them, with the added burden of losing its brightest and most promising talents hurting its future prospects.

The ICRF strongly condemns this heinous deed and expresses unequivocal hatred towards the murderers of Dr. Avijit Roy. We demand Dr. Roy’s case to be fast-tracked immediately in the court of law and hope that the matter receives proper attention and swiftest judgement.

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