Best wishes for Tamanna Keya


We delightedly announce that one of our dearest friends and colleagues, and a founding member of the ICR Foundation’s translation and research department Ms. Kaji Tamanna Keya has recently been awarded merit scholarship for studying MS degree in International Health Policy and Management from the prestigious Brandeis University in Boston, USA. It is one of the top ten universities in teaching Social Policy, according to US News and World Report. We would like to congratulate Ms. Keya on behalf of the ICR Foundation on her new journey to Brandeis University.

Apart from regularly contributing to the Bangladesh activities of ICR Foundation, Ms. Keya is very active in social media regarding the War Crimes Tribunal, genocide, and Liberation War of Bangladesh. She was also a regular participant of Shahbag Movement. Ms. Keya is employed with the New York based renowned public health research organization ‘Population Council’s Bangladesh country office since 2008. Her area of interest includes maternal health, family planning, adolescent health, health financing, vulnerable key population, HIV/AIDS and climate change. She has several academic articles published in the peer reviewed journals.

Ms. Keya has presented her study findings in scientific conferences of USA, Korea, Indonesia, Tanzania, Thailand and Malaysia. She is a member of various public health professionals’ associations such as Population Association of America (PAA), International Union for Scientific Studies of Population (IUSSP), and Asian Population Association (APA). Along with her Council led research, she also maintains publication and communication activities of the ‘Population Council’s Bangladesh country office.

All of us here in the organization, wish Ms. Keya for all of her present and future endeavors. We hope she will continue her outstanding work on public health research and human rights activities.

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