Fugitive Kishoreganj Razakar to die


A Razakar commander in 1971, fugitive Syed Hasan Ali has been handed capital punishment for war crimes during Bangladesh’s Liberation War.

The Razakar of Kishoreganj can be hanged from the gallows or be gunned down, the court said on his manner of execution – an order that is unique to this verdict.

International Crimes Tribunal-1 today found him guilty in five of the six the charges against him over genocide and crimes against humanity. He was given death in two.

The court gave him death for mass murder in Shemulhati village in Kishoreganj, killing of 11 hindus, and the genocide of Balongka street.

He was given jail until death for killing one Tofazzal Hossain, murdering two hindus of Araiura and Chikni villages in the district and acquitted in the charge of plundering and torching houses.


The war crimes tribunal, led by Justice M Enayetur Rahim, read out the summary of 125-page verdict of the absconding criminal who was locally known as Razakar Daroga for his atrocities.

He can be gunned down or be hanged until death from the gallows, Justice Rahim said. “The government will decide on his manner of execution,” he said without specifying further.

The court also ordered police to arrest him or take necessary help of the Interpol, the global police network, for capturing Razakar Ali.

Source: The Daily Star


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