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Three active members of the ICR foundation have recently been subjects of credible death threats sources have revealed. The trio who ply their trade in London is comprised of prominent blogger and rising advocate Mr Nijhoom Majumder, and two well known representatives of the “Gonojagaron Moncho” Ms Ajanta Deb Roy and Mr Kamrul Hasan.

According to sources from the London Metropolitan Police, all three ICR Foundation members received these death threats on social media, as part of a “Global Hit list” labelled and published by the so called Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT). The threat was by form of a poster which included 21 other names, all of whom are currently residing in the UK and other Western countries. The poster also bore the headline “We do not forget, We Don’t Forgive”. The MET Police have of course taken all necessary precautions to counteract the situation if needed.

There have been related incidents at Bangladesh in recent times, which have seen bloggers purge at the hands of Islamic extremists, a list which includes Dr. Avijit Roy, Washiqur Babu and Ananta Bijoy Das respectively. A group of extremists based in Bangladesh who call themselves the ‘Ansarullah Bangla Team’, consequently claimed full responsibility for the murders. More worryingly though South Asian based Al-Qaeda have also admitted their involvement in the incidents, via a press release.

Writer and activist Dr. Avijit Roy was killed in cold blood on the 26th of February by activists, who murdered him right in front of the Ekushey Book Fair which is celebrated in the capital city of Dhaka. A month later, his murder was followed by that of blogger Washiqur Babu and a month and a half after that, prolific blogger Ananta Bijoy Das met his fate in the same way. Writer Dr. Avijit Roy who was primarily based in the US was visiting Bangladesh on the occasion of having two of his written work published and on display at the book fair.

Members of society in the UK, expressed their rage and demanded justice be served, by conducting mass gatherings in protest of these horrific incidents. ICRF members Ms Ajanta Deb Roy, Mr Nijhoom Majumder and Mr Kamrul Hasan have all diligently attended all of these events. Not to mention that they have consistently voiced their concerns through all forms of media, in the aftermath of the blogger deaths.


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As such, the Met police have undertaken all possible measures to ensure their safety in light of these past events. The trio have been assigned certain selected security equipment by the police, and have been duly instructed on how to use them in case of an emergency. The UK Police have admitted that the given situation is a big challenge, but they also see it as an opportunity to assert themselves as well. They have also informed us that they are doing everything in their power to identify the perpetrators, and condemn them to the fullest extent of the law.

The ICRF naturally, is deeply anxious regarding the matter. The trio of our members under duress at the moment have made tireless contributions to our organization. They have each played influential roles in resolving various humanitarian issues, conflicts regarding International Crimes such as mass genocide or crimes against humanity. Indeed the aforementioned members of the ICRF have played key roles to help convict those responsible for crimes committed in Bangladesh during 1971.

We believe religion or popular opinion accounts for very little in the face of what is concrete truth. Thus, those who indulge in delivering such death threats are cowards to their very core and are incapable of arguing with anything constructive, to state their case. Because they are creatures of the dark, they are afraid of the light. The ICRF hopes that these culprits get what’s coming to them and would also like to congratulate the UK law enforcement for their swift response and generous support.


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