Counsels meet death-row war crimes convict Mujaheed at jail


Lawyers of death-row war crimes convict Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujaheed have met the Jamaat-e-Islami leader at jail.

His lawyer Shishir Munir told reporters after the half-an-hour-meeting at Naraynganj Prison on Saturday that the Appellate Division would hear the appeal against the death sentence of Mujaheed on Sunday.

“We have consulted him over the legal matters pertaining to the appeal and also discussed the overall situation,” Munir said. The lawyer also said the 67-year-old Jamaat secretary general told them that he was ‘physically and mentally fit’. The Jamaat leader also told the lawyers to present the arguments ‘firmly’, Munir said.

Two other lawyers Nazibur Rahman and Ehsan Siddiq accompanied Munir. Mujaheed’s younger son Ali Ahmed Mabrur also went with them but he waited outside the jail.

The second International Crimes Tribunal on July 17, 2013 sentenced the Jamaat leader to death after finding him guilty of five of the seven war crime charges levelled against him. The former Al-Badr commander moved the Appellate Division on Aug 11, 2013, challenging the verdict.



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